A message to everyone is a message to no one – and a video without focus, on your audience, their needs, and the objectives you are trying to reach, won’t hit those goals that you are aiming for. That’s why I wanted to share this little reminder of the three most important things to keep in mind when developing your video content to ensure it’s successful.

Video is hot nowadays

If you own a business or you work in marketing or events I’m sure you’ve been tasked with creating a video at some point, if not looking at a long-term video strategy.

But something I sometimes see is video without a clear focus. Creating goals and setting an objective for your video project is so key to its success.

So here are my top 3 tips to ensure you create an effective video.

1) Focus on your audience when developing content

This seems so simple, but so often I see companies thinking first about what they want to say instead of thinking about what their audience wants or needs to hear. Also importantly ensure you have a clear audience. Trying to have a video that speaks to everyone is a sure way to make it muddy and not feel like you’re speaking directly to your target audience.


2) Don’t try to do too many things within one video

Have a clear focus: “we want to explain “x” and therefore encourage “y”. Of course, depending on the type of video you’re producing there are some differences. A general rule is if your audience isn’t required to watch your video, such as playing it at a live event where people are essentially forced to watch it, then you really want to keep it as short and to the point as possible. Have follow-up information such as another more in-depth video or a website page, for those that are interested.


3) Make decisions based on your insights

Again this one seems common knowledge, but too often I see clients wanting to do something because they saw someone else do it and not because it actually makes sense based on their unique needs. For example the style of your video should be correlated with what would work best for your audience and what resources you have available to you. I do encourage finding example videos that you can draw inspiration from, but always ensure the choices made work with the goals, objectives, audience insights, and content you’re working with.

If you apply these tips to your next video project I’m sure it will be successful for you.

If there’s ever anything else I can assist you with on the video front please don’t hesitate to reach out! Ready to take a hand at making your own video content? Check out our extensive online course to become your own DIY video making expert. Prefer to let a professional team handle your video content? Contact us here to get started with Arc and Crown Media!





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