You may have heard of a call to action before, whether it arose when you were discussing marketing materials or video content that is intended for a customer base. But what is this term? If you’ve got a minute, check out our video on what exactly this is and why you should have one for your next video.


If you’re not making use of a call to action, then your video may not be accomplishing its full potential.

The call to action is what you want your viewers to do immediately after watching the video. It typically appears as graphic text on the last screen. Your call to action could be to get viewers to follow your social media, contact you directly, or to check out your website. Regardless, your video should guide them to that next step – and that’s where your call to action comes in.

Here are some examples of useful Call to Actions:




Imagine what would be the most natural next step for your viewers, and hone your message towards getting them to do that one thing. Really sell the benefit of taking the next step, by offering valuable information, or special discounts or deals. This makes your video that much more effective.

Your call to action may be direct, or it may be subtle. We highly suggest A/B testing to make sure your message is the right one.

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