Video Thumbnails are so simple, yet so incredibly important. People say “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but the fact is that many people do. Many times, the thumbnail is the most critical aspect of the video.

[Your Video Thumbnails Are IMPORTANT! TRANSCRIPT]

Here’s how to maximize the effectiveness of your thumbnail on YouTube. After uploading your video, YouTube automatically generates three thumbnails. Opt instead to upload your own.

What you want to use is the best, exported frame of your video. Showing someone smiling greatly increases is a huge plus here.

If you have access to photo-editing tools, boosting certain colours or even just sharpening edges gives your thumbnail that little extra kick.

Finally, it helps to add text in the thumbnail to directly convey what viewers are about to click into. If possible, brand your video thumbnails as well with a logo. This ties one video to a series of videos, and eventually creates a greater likelihood for user to click in if they’ve watched previously branded content.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” a good line for people. But for video, a good thumbnail is critical to its success.

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