[Whose Story? – TRANSCRIPT]

We often encourage clients to focus their video on a single person’s story. This allows you the time to dive deep into the challenges and emotions that they face, and find the Heart of your story.

Of course, the question then is: whose story do you tell?

Your first instinct might be the CEO or founder of the company. That’s a great option, but what we’ve learned is that it’s always worth your time to look in unlikely places.

That’s because more often than not, the most powerful stories come from the least powerful people.

So, we suggest you dig a little deeper. Try speaking with some of your employees that have been with you for a long time, even in roles that don’t often get a lot of spotlight. You could also look towards your vendors, customers or your customer’s customers. 15 minute pre-interviews can help you narrow it down to the most compelling person.

Ask out of the box questions to find out what makes that person unique, complex, and what their burning desire is, and figure out where your brand played a role in their journey.

Some answers just might surprise you. And that’s where you find some of the best stories.

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