[Webcam Filming: Transcript]

Something we’ve been doing a lot more of in the past year is capturing content through a computer webcam.

While I always film my weekly videos on my cell phone, I decided to switch it up this week and showcase what it’s like to capture content through my computer instead.

There are a lot of similarities. I still use my ring light as my light source, which is even more important when I’m tied down to a location in my house where my laptop can rest on a table. Normally I can move my ring light which holds my cell phone to anywhere I want, so I choose to position myself in front of a window. But due to the positioning of my desk I now have a window behind me. So I close the blinds and boost the intensity on my ring light to compensate for being back-lit slightly.

Also now that my background is less than flattering I’m using the blur feature on the most upgraded version of zoom to help with that. But do keep in mind that the more you move around the less perfect the illusion becomes and you can get a bit of warping. So you may want to consider trying to be in a space where you have a simple and clean background to avoid the need to use any virtual background.

Also while using my laptop to film I need to stack a few books under it to ensure that the webcam is parallel to my eyeline or even slightly above it to get the most flattering angle.

I can tilt my laptop screen to fix my framing so there’s only a bit of headroom above me and I am dominant in frame.

Lastly, I am still using a teleprompter app to assist me with this content, however as the screen is much bigger than my cell phone, to avoid my eyes darting across the screen I’ve reduced the size of the teleprompter frame to be as thin as possible and positioned it directly under my webcam.

So that’s how I filmed on my laptop today through my webcam. I hope this is helpful for your next presentation or filmed address. Good luck!

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