[Keep It Simple: Transcript]

Now, as I’m recording this video on a holiday Monday, I thought it was a great opportunity to get out of my office and film on my back porch today.

The concept I wanted to share this week is that you don’t need any equipment to create a video when just getting started. I am using nothing other than my phone and the natural sunlight to film this.

Really the most important thing I stress when it comes to creating content designed for social is that it’s more about what you’re saying and how you’re providing value that anything else.

Natural Lighting Makes Video Easy

Yes, you want to ensure that your audience can see and hear you well, and utilizing natural light and staying close to your phone’s mic can help with those two things.

As long as you can minimize distractions as much as possible, then the focus can be on you and your content.

Adding Subtitles the Easy Way

I’ll add subtitles to this video by using YouTube’s auto-generated captions that I simply edit and then download as an .srt file. And I’ll trim the top and tail of the video within the edit function of my phone so I don’t need to do anything in an external edit platform.

So it can be this simple! This script took me about 10-minutes to think up and write and I hope it takes me less time to film it.

Try it for yourself this week. You may be surprised at how well your network responds. And please tag me in your post!

Good Luck!

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