[Create a Content Plan: Transcript] For those who want to start out with creating video content, before thinking of anything technical, an important first step is creating a content plan. I like to keep an ongoing list of topic ideas that I can turn to at any point to create a script out of.

But going further than just a running list, what can be really helpful is thinking through different types of video categories and then charting out ideas under each. If you have a team I highly encourage you to get others involved.

Even if they won’t be responsible for appearing in any videos, they may have a different point-of-view or idea that could turn into great content. The categories you choose will depend on what your goals for the video series are, who your target audience is, and what type of business you’re in.


But here are three ideas that may provide some inspiration:

Educational Videos

Educational videos are a broad category. I try to produce educational content from my own experience for my social audience, but within that I divide it up further by technical content (which is specific to a tool or resource I use).

Motivational Videos

Motivational content, where I share how I do something and encourage others to do the same.

Conversational Videos

Conversational content, where I try to get others opinions to help me inform myself and also start a conversation, and at times content that is time-sensitive (so it’s relevant to something that’s happening in the world currently).

Industry Updates

Another great category type to think about is Industry Updates. If you think about real estate agents or financial advisors, they may not be able to give as specific technical advice as I do, but they surely can update their network with valuable information.

In your industry you may be able to add in your personal opinion, or in some cases it may need to be purely fact-based, but both provide opportunities to share great insights with others.

Lastly, Customer case studies can be very powerful. They do take a bit longer to produce as you need to rely on others, but we have a client who has a system for getting clients to sign-up for a zoom interview for example, and then they send us their content monthly to edit into a series of videos. With this style, try to make these less about just raving about your business, and more about how you actually helped your client. Give others ideas and inspiration for how they too can apply that same logic or tactic to their business or life.

I hope these examples gave you some ideas that you can apply to your own content plan. Please tag me in any videos you create, I’d love to see them. And check out our script-template for a helpful tool when writing your first script.

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