What? Interactive Video?

It’s video you can click on to get access to other content. It’s a sweet and simple concept that has the potential to significantly ramp up your digital content and engagement. Click “View Story” on the video above to get a taste of what interactive video has to offer for your brand.

Point Viewers Where You Want Them to Go

Put links (“hotspots”) within the video to take the viewer directly to your home page, LinkedIn profile or product page. No more scrolling down to hunt for a URL. The hotspot can be used in the form of clickable text or as an icon image in the player for stronger attention pull. Your interactive video could be the all-purpose nexus to the entirety of your business’s marketing/resource ecosystem.

Make Content Fun Again

“Edu-tainment” is the name of the game these days. Interactive video brings a novel experience regardless of what content you’re bringing to the table. Particularly for educational content, interactive video provides the option to “pause” the video and require viewers to answer a multiple-choice question properly before continuing onto the next content. If the viewer answers incorrectly, the video may be formatted to replay the information until the viewer answers correctly.

Instantly Personalized for Everyone

With menus (which we usually call Q&A), you can provide your viewer with a clickable table of contents that gives them the power to not only see what information you will provide and questions you are going to answer, but also the ability to go directly to the information most relevant to them. This provides a style of video that is custom fit for every unique audience.

Establish you and your brand as video innovators that push all limits to increase viewer engagement. Contact us today to get started on your interactive video project.



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