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About Arc + Crown Media Inc.

At Arc + Crown Media, we specialize in creating videos for the corporate world, be it for training, corporate communications, employee engagement or brand marketing. We operate with a dedicated core team, along with a highly skilled and diverse supply of contractors –including experienced videographers, sound recordists, photographers, drone operators, editors, animators, makeup artists, and more. Our business model has always been built this way because we believe in hiring the best person suited to each precise project. This model also affords extremely flexibility with our clients, enabling us to scale easily to any requirement.

We’ve been in business for almost four years now and have worked on projects that range in size from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand dollars. When clients ask if we have the capacity to take on multiple videos at the same time, the answer is always yes. No matter the type of video that you are looking to produce, no matter where in North America you need to film it, we have the resources and expertise at our fingertips to make it happen – seamlessly.

While we service clients across the GTA, particularly in downtown Toronto, we also have clients in Mississauga, Newmarket, Oakville, Scarborough, Georgetown, Montreal, New York and even Florida. It’s been wonderful to see the company expand like this, and looking back on where we started, many of our first clients still work with us today. After all, we started this company to be able to service our clients in the best way possible. We’re delighted to say that the level of customer service we provide continues to be a differentiating factor for us. Arc + Crown Media is always evolving – we’re constantly looking for innovative ways to help our client’s voices be heard. From the insurgence of aerial drone footage to personalized interactive videos, we consistently look to stay ahead of trends and offer innovative tactics. However, regardless of how the company and this industry grows in the coming years, superior customer service will always be the core focus for our team and something we constantly strive to be the best at.

We’re exceptionally proud of all our accomplishments thus far, along with the great work that we’ve produced for our clients. However, even more great projects lie ahead of us, and we cannot be more excited.

The Arc + Crown Media Inc. Difference

We take great pride not only in providing valuable video production service, but also in our ability to act as guides for our clients through the process of creating great video. We get to know our client, their branding and objectives, and offer precise solutions. This way we create a mutual relationship where both client and service provider continue growing to achieve better results with each and every video. Through this manner, many clients come to be considered dear friends. This is what we truly believe to be the key facet of our business. Once we understand our client needs, we can then be proactive and work with them to ensure effective and prompt delivery of project objectives. Every step is mapped out and planned; every obstacle is charted, anticipated, and finally met with the right specialist for the job.

Such effective prep work naturally arises from our creed of offering unprecedented flexibility, communication, and attention to detail. We also encourage clients to be as involved or uninvolved in the process as befits them, since our primary strength lies in our ability to execute. We have a strong focus on our processes to keep all members aware of the project status at every step of the way. We ensure every detail of the video production is approved before we move forward to the shoot date. By maintaining this process, we manage to stay on schedule and get the video made right, all while keeping team members and clients actively in the loop.

Our customers come from various industries with diverse needs, but they all have one thing in common: a message to share. Everyone wants content for the purpose of communicating with others, and it has to be dynamic to work. Perhaps you’re a marketing manager in the manufacturing sector, looking to creating web and social media content, but need your equipment to look two years younger to show how cutting edge you are. Or you’re a project manager at a tech company in need of training videos for your staff, but need a diverse casting of professional actors because of new equality protocol in the workplace. No matter what your needs entails, we will help you define solutions and execute them.

Video is an investment, but we ensure that you get the most out of your buck. In the prep phase, every decision takes content sustainability and online lifespan into account. We offer various suggestions on how to re-use and re-purpose video content to stretch your dollar even further. This capability of deriving maximum value from our video products is but one of the incentives for our customers to continue choosing to work with us. Our level of service, quality of content, reliability and creative contributions are just icing on the cake.

We’re still in a phase of company growth but are catching up rapidly. Our work is already being recognized for their quality by international organizations. For example, we were awarded the “2018 AVA Digital Awards, Platinum Winner for Short Form Web Video: Corporate Image” earlier this year. The award was for a video we produced for RSM Canada to launch their inaugural rebranding to the international RSM name.

A tight timeline and precise guidelines from this global-scale company meant an exceptional need for excellent efficiency and diligent communication throughout all divisions. Within those parameters, we were able to create a video that spoke to the heart of the people who made up the company. It was a rousing success.

Not to be outdone is an animated video (click here to watch) we produced for the Town of Newmarket which was submitted by our client and won two awards last year; the 2017 AVA Digital Award (Platinum Winner) and the 2017 Hermes Creative Awards (Gold Winner).

The animator created all of the visuals in a style consistent with static graphics that the client’s marketing department had previously used in print materials. The end product was easy to watch and easy to understand, effectively communicating important information to Newmarket residents about the new line item in their tax bill. As with all of our projects, we work to understand our client’s needs, and while offering advice along the way, we do everything possible to help them achieve their vision.

Finally, one of the greatest sources of pride for the Arc + Crown team is our pro bono work. We aspire to aid those in need with an important message that deserves to be heard. Our passion especially goes to those assisting the disability community, as well as the female communities promoting messages of empowerment and entrepreneurship. These achievements are so incredibly dear to us. We attribute our charity work not only to our own aspirations, but also to the amazing passion that radiates from the numerous champions of these causes, who have drawn us in and generously allowed us to be involved.

Here are some of those champions, and the videos we have produced for them:

Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic



Different Not Less

Difability Round Table

Our long-term goal is to be a hub for all companies who require video content, by developing divisions of the company that specialize in the different services we offer – but on a greater scale than we’re currently able to do. Not only do we want to be a place for quality content creation, but we’d also like to be a reliable provider of practical information. We wish to be the outlet for businesses to access immediate help if they require support for in-house video content, or for assistance with putting together a video project RFP. It can even be for tips on how to appear best on camera. Our goal would be the same then as it is now: to provide value by offering great advice, great video products and great experiences.

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