Top Five Things To Look For When Choosing A Video Production Company

A corporate video is an instant and effective way to get your business message across to your audience. Using the power of creative video storytelling is a great way to help you and your brand reach the kind of impact that you are trying to create.

There’s a lot to consider once you decide you need corporate video. You might feel the need to hit certain marketing or business goals, which is always useful to keep in mind. For the actual filming, you know a video production company could help you, but perhaps you just don’t know which one to pick, or how much company budget will allow for it. However, remember that no matter what your brand’s market scale and target audience, a corporate video service exists to bring your message to life. The job of a professional video production company is to understand your concerns so that they can create the impact you want. As such, collaboration is the key for you get your desired results.

To help you find a professional video production service a company you can trust your brand with, here’s a list of the top five things to look for in a video production company.

  1. Quality.

Just like with all of your business products and services, every video your company puts out, be it internal or public-facing, is a representation of your brand. Think of it as your company’s business card. A shaky, blurry, and stagnant video gives the impression of an unreliable brand. Conversely, great video quality and dynamic pacing pulls viewers into the values, culture, and overall appeal of your brand. Your videos don’t have to be AAA-budget Hollywood blockbusters, but neither should they be vertically-shot on your smartphone. There’s always a balance to be had, but when you find the best quality, you never regret it.

  1. Style.

The video industry is a hugely creative one, and as such different video production companies naturally develop different styles and approaches to content creation. For example, some production companies will focus solely on television or documentaries. They sport a diverse arsenal of equipment and crew that is more specifically geared for those types of productions. If you’re looking instead for corporate or professional training videos, you’ll absolutely want to look for people like our Arc and Crown team who focus on corporate messaging. Especially for external corporate video, the content must be able to push the envelope in terms of style and appeal yet still ultimately retain the respective branding guidelines and rulings of the principal company.

  1. Budget.

This one’s never an easy subject to touch on, but that’s precisely why we have to mention it. Higher budgets mean higher quality; quality implies outreach, and outreach means converted sales and expansion. Prices vary greatly in the video industry, based on multiple aspects. The key factors to always consider for the budget are locations, the number of actors, final video length, and quality. Whenever you increase any of these elements, you naturally increase the budget. In this way, one company’s 30-second promo can cost several times more than another’s. Always be aware that the ambition of your project and the size of your budget should always walk hand in hand. Know your concept and available budget well, and with the right team, you’ll be able to find ways to make your dollar stretch.

  1. Timeline.

You may or may not be surprised to know that every second in a released video has hours of work put behind it. Locations need to have been secured, actors contracted, and gear assembled before taking that first shot. Most importantly, time needs to be dedicated to allow for ample communication between the client and production company to ensure that everyone involved is making the same video. Some production companies have all their crew in-house so they generate consistent quality, but that means they can only take on a limited number of projects. Others, like Arc and Crown, keep just a core team that coordinates the projects and then brings in a diverse range of regular contractors to allow for more scalability and timeline flexibility based on individual needs. When scheduling your video content project, it’s always good to remember that video production is at its heart a collaborative experience, whether it’s through a project lead or marketing team.

  1. Customer Service.

The fact is, anyone can shoot a video. However, at the end of the day, you want to hire a company you enjoy working with and that you can trust to create content that accurately represents you and your brand. Our own clients have expressed the significance of working with the same production team, with the result being a consistent stream of quality content and familiarized processes that led to opportunities for growth with each project. At Arc and Crown, this is our absolute creed and mantra. We work with your needs, by understanding your objectives and limitations. Most of all we include you in the process because video production is fun and we want to include you in the experience! It is our greatest pride and pleasure to take you through the reigns of the professional video set, as guides to a great video.

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