People like to ask us, “What does ‘Arc and Crown’ even mean? Why did you choose those two words specifically?”

Well why don’t we just look at the definitions of the words:

Arc/ark/ noun

The chronological construction of plot in a novel or story.


A headdress worn by a monarch as a symbol of authority.

It takes a second to see it. In our own way of phrasing it, “Arc and Crown” means “Story (the “arc”) is King (the “crown”). We’re digital storytellers, and proud of it. This quarterly video newsletter is going to be all about that – story – and how the way you find story in your company or brand can revolutionize your video content.


Let’s backtrack a bit.

For a lot of corporate video makers, digital content creation tended to follow a certain go-to “formula.” What this looked like was this: the crew showed up on the day of the shoot and covered everything – interviews, b-roll – you name it. Then they went back and pieced together what hopefully would be a cohesive message in the editing room.

The thing is, what that tended to create was a lot of videos that looked and sounded pretty much the same, just with a different logo at the end.

The process improved greatly when more time and effort was dedicated before the shoot, so people knew exactly what the look and sequence of the video should be before the camera was even picked up.  We cannot stress enough how crucial the preproduction phase is to maximizing your production shoot date, when every second counts.

However, the newsletter video below isn’t just going to talk about how to prepare more for your video, but will request that you change the way you see video entirely.


Your one takeaway is going to be this single core belief: “Emotion drives action.” Not your company motto, not your staff or clients saying how great you are, but the emotion inside each and every one of us.

And, guess what, the way that we’ve spurred emotion, as seen over thousands of years of history, is story. And at the centre of each of those stories has been a hero, a protagonist, someone who fought for their desires – for success, for equality, for justice, for love. Someone who struggled, persevered, and defeated the odds. These are the people that interest and captivate us as an audience, and instil tremendous emotion that moves us off our seats.

The example in the video shows how we chose to focus on the story of just one single member of WeConnect Canada, an organization dedicated to growing women entrepreneurs, and asked her about not just her own company, but her story beyond that.

What you can find is that if you just allow the story to take the main stage, you can expect more attention gained, more conversation sparked, and more likes, comments, and shares – we guarantee it. And that’s what you really want, real engagement and real action being taken from watching your video.

Interested in bringing your own story to light? We’d be happy to hear about it in our contact page here.


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