Tomorrow’s Workforce

In 2018, Millennials made up the largest generation in the workforce – 35% against the Gen X’er’s 33%. And that number is moving up fast. In fact, by 2020, millennials are expected to reach close to 50% of the labour force. That means if you’re not seeing them as a core demographic and meeting their needs within your organization, you’re putting a huge potential strain on your employee culture, morale, and productivity.

Here’s What Millennials Want

  • They want to choose where they work: 70% of millennial employees say they’d rather work remotely
  • They don’t want company laptops, they want to use their personal devices (especially their smartphones)
  • They don’t worship their paycheck – they value purpose and meaning (and to a fair extent, public recognition).
  • They don’t want annual reviews – but ongoing conversations
  • They don’t care to fix their weaknesses – they want to develop their strengths

Millennials Want Video

Video is the ultimate engagement tool for the quintessential Millennial, it’s easily on-demand, playable on smartphones, and when done right, encouraging for a sense of community and culture that feeds the Millennial principle of greater purpose. Here are some video ideas to get them interested:

  1. Employee spotlights show that you care about your employees individually, and want them to share their insights and experiences with the rest of the community. Give them a chance to talk about themselves.
  2. CEO messages –Millennials want to know who they’re working for and why. Interviews with the CEO, that show their perspective on current developments, policies, changes, etc, give workers a face behind the company update emails, and a better chance to understand the reasoning and motivations behind corporate decisions. These messages are also a great way to congratulate teams and individuals on their successes
  3. Share your company’s story. Everyone loves a good story, so why not share a motivational retelling of how the company started, the bumps along the way and how the teams worked together to overcome it? It will let employees feel like they are a part of something, with a shared goal in mind to fellow colleagues.
  4. Capture events and conferences are meant to be fun, insightful and enjoyable, so they’re great to record in video. Employees that attended can look back on the fun moments and opportunities, while employees that didn’t can feel compelled to visit the next event.
  5. Employee induction videos – What’s the first experience any employee has with a company? On-board training. So, why make their first experience with your company a lengthy handbook, when you can provide them with a fun and engaging video that portrays the company culture, and presents critical information in an easy-to-retain manner?

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