We’ve posted before about how story-based videos and explainer videos elevate your brand to your B2B audiences. Sometimes, you’re not looking for a tear-jerking story, nor are you trying to explain the whole process of your organization or product.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your video simple. If anything, the simpler the better in some cases! Here are two types of videos that are amazing in how cost-efficient, simple, yet effective they are. These are testimonials and product review videos.

Testimonial Videos

Even in a single interview, there is a story that can be told. However, your choice in interview subject is paramount. As we say time and time again, the most powerful stories come from the least powerful people. People don’t want to hear your CEO or head of marketing say how great your company is. No matter how much they truly believe it, most people assume that it’s only natural for them to say that. Everyone wants to take pride in what they do, and actually, that’s something you can capitalize on. Find someone who your target audience will immediately sympathize with – again, humanize your content – and lead them towards responses on why they love what they do and how your product or service has allowed them to do better.

What you’ll find is a real opinion that will entice viewers to want to feel the same way.

Check out this testimonial example if you’re not convinced:

Here are some tips to getting a killer testimonial:

  1. Stand right next to the camera if you’re asking the prompt questions, and tell your subject to keep eyeline with you at all times.
  2. Ask questions that focus on the subject personally – instead of “What makes this company so great,” ask “What are you most proud of being part of this company?”
  3. When you give a prompt, try to get multiple attempts at the response. The first take is rarely the best one – you want to keep your ears open for the real and genuine moments and have the subject elaborate on that. Having multiple takes will give your editor that much more space to work with as well. It’s not uncommon to go to the editing room to realize that “perfect take” had all sorts of issues in the background. With more takes and cutaways, you can edit around those detrimental details.


Demo/Review Videos

If the quality of your product speaks for itself, then a demo video is a definite fit for you. Limit the fluff and show just why your product is the right purchase. Having an expert review the product lends authority to the subject and is recommended for B2B targets, while going with someone relatable (like Youtube Influencers, for example) is recommended for B2C. Whichever you go with, make sure you address real issues that your product solves, and show genuine reactions when the product does its job. Really sell the benefits of why your product is so great, and by that we mean don’t just list its features, but go into the impact that each feature has on the users’ lives.

Here’s a great example of a review video that we love for the business messaging tool Slack, which our team uses for our own day-to-day communications.

Keep it Simple, But Not Shoddy

Testimonial videos and review videos are considered simple, but by no means does that mean you should be shooting on your phones and putting that up online. Production quality is crucial in every video you put out. Not doing so can hurt your brand. The role of your video production company is to ensure high picture and sound quality, good colour, and meaningful content at the end of the day.

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