The COVID-19 pandemic has largely affected every person and every company. No organization has been an exception, including ours.

For us as video content creators, the question for Arc and Crown Media was if business could keep running without being able to film on site. It was a very uncertain time – but we got through it. Thankfully, we’ve been able to continue to service our clients in ways beyond just filming in person. Across Toronto, we’re amazed to witness how many other small businesses are also putting in the effort to change their offers during COVID-19, reimagine their services, and find ways to give back to their community at one of its greatest moments of crises in recent history.

And from all of these organizations and leaders, we take to heart the lessons learned for the next big crisis.

Stay Communicating

The lesson we’ve all learned in these past few months is to never let communications slip – especially in times of great change and movement. And that at the core of all messaging should be an authentic and human voice.

Keep Awareness High and Alert

We’ve learned that it’s okay to not know everything at the start, but provide awareness that you’re ready to act at every moment with new information coming in.

Be Genuine and Care for Your People and Community

Those that stepped forward and said genuinely “these are the causes we’re supporting” found support back from their communities. Finding ways to offer support for your clients or community in any way you can as a company should always be the biggest priority in a crisis.

Don’t Just React – Respond and Rebound

This was the most important step for us. We knew we couldn’t film the way we used to. The same goes for all production companies – but that didn’t mean the need for video was diminished. How we responded first was to start putting out short helpful video content to teach people simple steps at home to appear best on camera. We didn’t even use professional gear, just our own smartphones, and the tools that could be easily accessible or purchasable to an average person. We wanted to enforce the fact that video was about the message first, and the production value second for those that had value to provide their communities but were hesitating to put it out.

Large scale events like COVID-19 when everyone has the same fears and concerns in their minds are the ideal time to align yourself with the causes you truly care about. For us, we looked at the small business community and what we could do to help them bear through the dramatic loss of business. We wanted to lift up their voices, and inspire other businesses to do the same.

For that exact reason, we started Stay IN-novating, an exciting video series with the mission of giving some much-deserved spotlight to Canadian businesses that are reinventing themselves to support their community, their employees, and customers. We’ve profiled apps to facilitate getting prescription medicine delivered, and AI companies repurposing their technology to help medical nurses more safely conduct their checkups. What is so inspiring about these businesses is there mobility and flexibility to address the challenges set forth by the COVID-19 pandemic and not just survive, but thrive in what we will have to call “our new normal.”

Visit to see the amazing companies we’ve profiled, and even apply for your company to be featured as well.

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