SETTINGS: We realize that not all of our viewers have known that the videos we’ve been producing over the last several months have all been filmed on a cell phone, an iPhone 8 specifically.

All newer phone models allow you to record in high-definition or HD (That means the aspect ratio is 1920 by 1080). You already have the power to create videos with yourself on screen to develop your audience!

Of course, there are a few steps to get ready first.



Frame rate and Resolution Settings

Before you pull out your camera and start recording, go to the video settings on your phone and ensure your video camera is set to record in 1080p at 30fps. FPS refers to frames per second and 30 is a standard setting that you can select if the option is there.



The 4K Question

Some phones will even allow you to record in 4k which is higher quality than HD. But is 4K the right choice for you? The advantage of filming in 4k is, naturally, the quality of the image.

However it’s important to note that most people may not actually recognize this quality increase, for a few reasons. First, your posting platform may naturally compress it, and it will also depend on the screen that the end user is viewing from as well. So the benefit of filming in 4k is lost a little bit in the delivery.

Now the real advantage from 4K comes in editing. Over the last several years we have been filming a lot more in 4k, especially for interview content.

The reason for that is because when you get to the edit suite we’re able to punch in on a shot up to 200x and still maintain HD quality. This means we’re able to get a wider and a closer shot from the same one camera set-up which can reduce cost for our clients.

That’s for slightly more advanced videomaking. For most uses and especially for your DIY cellphone video content we’d recommend ensuring you’re at least filming in HD quality. The moral of the story is that you don’t always need professional gear – you just need the know-how for how to use what you do have to the best of your ability. So if you’re interested in getting started creating your own video content please reach here as we’d love to help you.

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