Do you sometimes feel like you’re wearing a mask? Is that necessarily a bad thing? We all need to “turn it on sometimes” as networking/self-promotion/performance doesn’t come naturally to everyone. And that’s okay. But as business professionals, it is a skill we need to learn. I learned long ago that in running a business I needed to be my own biggest fan. And that’s what I’ve been ever since!



People don’t always believe me when I tell them I’m an introvert. They see one side of my public persona and assume I was built a certain way. They may not know of the fear I have
of performing in front of a crowd or the anxiety in putting out content to be analyzed by others online. Over the years I’ve found the strength to push past these worries and really put myself out there because I know the value of sharing what I’m up to and providing advice to my audience.

Over the years in running our business my partner and I have found that when we get extremely busy and disappear from social, our network will ask “what have you guys been up to?” “I feel like I haven’t seen you in a while” and conversely, when we have more time and are posting frequently we hear “oh wow you guys look extremely busy, looks like you’re doing great” and that’s the interesting thing about using social networks for your business. They are a great tool to stay top of mind and showcase your value but you have to be ready to be consistent and you have to use your mask as your strength, but then be willing to take it off every once in a while to show you’re human.

How do you find the courage or inspiration to put yourself out there?

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