Have you ever let fear hold you back? I think the answer is yes for most of us. Interestingly though, a lot of that fear may be subconscious and you may not even recognize the ways in which it’s causing you to miss opportunities. I felt this was an important topic to speak on because it’s something that I’ve found everyone I coach or direct struggles with. But the important thing about the individuals I work with is they’ve taken the first step. Pushing yourself to do something beyond your comfort zone is a great way to know that you are making progress.

Why do we often procrastinate important tasks?

Why do people decide something isn’t worth their time when they know it could be a game changer for them?

I really think it boils down to fear.

So many of us have a subconscious voice that we don’t even hear, but it’s steering us in a consistent direction so we don’t need to leave our comfort zone.

In having an opportunity to connect with and coach so many great business leaders over the last year, as well as interview and direct on-set over the last decade, I’ve noticed this is a universal struggle.

For start-up founders and senior level executives; from technical team members to front line sales staff, we all have insecurities.

And while just “getting over it” isn’t an easy option, learning how to reframe the narrative you tell yourself can make a big impact and help you accomplish those goals that are going to move the needle in your job or business.

So the next time you try to push something important to the side, stop to recognize that you may be doing it based on fear of the unknown.

And remind yourself that those you look up to, and those that have accomplished what you also hope to, likely had similar doubts.

But they didn’t let what others might think of them get in the way. So they pushed the self-doubt out, forged ahead, and when they looked back they couldn’t believe that they hadn’t started sooner.

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