Video calls are a must now

Despite self-isolation and social distancing, businesses still need to run. And successful businesses run on good communication. That’s why it’s little wonder that professionals are increasingly resorting to video chats and conferences for their business meetings and everyday comms. The fact that it’s so hard to buy a webcam online nowadays is a pretty clear indication of how many users are relying on video calls in present times.

There are plenty of benefits to being able to see the opposite person’s face that gives video calls the edge over a standard phone call. Facial reactions, head nos, and head shakes, all contribute to how our body language provides communication on its own. All this in part results in better understanding at the end of the day.

Video calls are faster to get set up if you’re looking to engage with a large number of people. You don’t need to spend the time calling each person and merging them in, instead, you can just send them the link to click on when it’s time to talk. In addition, video calls have the novel advantage of allowing you to share your screen with the other parties, which eliminates all the lost time trying to blindly direct a co-worker to adjust or fix something on their monitor.

Getting started

There are a number of different companies offering video calls, but in this video Executive Producer, Vanessa Holding talks about Zoom. Zoom has been the go-to video chat program for Arc and Crown for years now, as a simple and versatile tool that can be free to use if you’re willing to work with some minor limitations. The free version only lets your call last for 40 minutes, but you can mitigate this by restarting another meeting which will last another 40 minutes. If you anticipate needing those video calls to be more steady without interruptions, then the paid options are certainly worth looking into as well.

Tips for Zoom

If you’re interested in using Zoom for your business, be sure to check out our previous blog about neat tricks to take even better advantage of what Zoom has to offer. This includes an instant filter to touch up your appearance, and a virtual background to add some pop to an otherwise plain room. These tricks are completely viable even if you’re using the free version. Also, be sure to check out our list of hardware to buy and general best practices for video calls.


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