As a video production agency in Toronto, the experts at Arc and Crown Media Inc. have the experience and tools needed to craft an engaging, educating and entertaining video. We believe in providing clients with video content that compels emotions and drives action.

If you are considering a video production company to help you market your business services, promote an event or for another project, you want to get the most out of your experience and ensure that you get what you pay for. Here’s how to know that you’re getting quality video production services.

Your video agency should have the best production and post-production tools.

Find out whether the video production team assigned to your project understands your needs and has the capacity to achieve your unique goals. When you work with us, we listen to your ideas and then convert your creative vision into a memorable video. This is possible due to the following facilities and features that we offer clients:

  • Video Resolution (HD Cameras)
  • Camera Shakiness (Fixed with Tripods or Stabilizers)
  • Sound Quality (Dedicated microphones)
  • B-Roll Quality
  • Text on Screen
  • Logo Animation
  • Scriptwriting
  • Lighting

To speed up the script-writing process, allow your producer to assist.

We suggest letting your producer either manage or help develop your script. The script is the heart of your production and your actors, shots, locations, and most importantly your overall budget will be entirely dependent on it. The producer should bring their expertise to write and/or develop the script so that it reads out optimally for video, and is concise in getting its message across.

Make sure your producer can communicate your message.

At the end of the day, the most important thing to ask your producer is whether the video can convey your message properly. While high-quality cameras, dedicated audio recorders, and professional lighting are all wonderful to have on set and greatly spur the interest in your video, they are not the core of video production. When you want to create a video that brings results, you want a producer that can not only bring those elements together (cameras, sound, and lighting) but can also communicate through the video script the main point that you need to get across to your viewers.

You also need to make sure that your producer inspects the location before filming, keeps track of the number of on-screen actors as well as examines the product or service you want to promote.

A professional producer should ask the right questions.

When your producer (or contact person) asks the right questions, you can expect to receive quality services. They should also guide you towards solutions that will meet your needs and resources. Ultimately, the goal of a producer should be to try to comprehend the goal of your video, the reason you want to create a video, the kind of message you’re trying to get out, and the audience you’re trying to speak to. They should then understand how to piece it together while keeping your location, shoot time and budget in mind.

A few questions you can ask your producer are:

  • How many rounds of revisions do you provide?
  • Do you bring lighting for the set?
  • What steps do you take in pre-production to ensure a good shoot?

Beware of producers or videographers that promise to fit all their services within your budget. Remember that your video production will involve many costs (cast, equipment, post-production, etc.), so it is better to know all your costs upfront than face them after your video is ready.

Producers that assess your budget and explain what you can achieve at that price are likely to be trusted. You can expect higher quality from them as they understand the original cost of each line item and can, therefore, stretch your dollar more than those who are unaware of pricing and may end up overpromising.

Working with Arc and Crown Media Inc.

When it comes to the professional film set, time is limited, and quality video content needs to be made. You need an expert team that has traversed the content creation landscape time and time again to guide you through the process and maximize your investment.

Arc and Crown Media Inc. is equipped with years of dedicated experience and an extensive roster of professional crew members to ensure you have exactly what you need and that production obstacles are always just stepping stones for creative solutions. We also treat all of our clients’ brands as if they were our very own, especially if you can provide us with your own branding guidelines.

If these are not sufficient reasons to hire our video production company, we give you two more:

Collaborative revisions.

Our diverse, creative team works closely with you to first derive the core beliefs and values of your brand, and then present the first draft after filming on a collaborative video platform that you can share and comment on. From there, we revise until perfection.

HD quality and compressed for web.

When investing in a project, you want a partner that won’t just perform the bare minimum. At Arc and Crown Media Inc., we are dedicated to providing real, tangible value, ensuring you get the most out of your dollar spent. In other words, we assure the highest quality video production and guarantee that the video plays as intended anytime and anywhere. We compress our videos for the web to ensure the perfect balance between the two and safely store your footage for added measure.

Choosing our team is the next step to achieving great video results, and it will be a decision you’ll never regret. To learn more about what we do at Arc and Crown Media Inc.please click here. If you have any questions about how we can help you, contact us here


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