CORPORATE VIDEO PRODUCTION: Let’s face facts; you are more likely to watch and learn from a video rather than read and recollect information from a website. Videos pack in easy-to-understand information and engage viewers in a way that text can’t.

Producing original and rich video content is a vital tool for businesses to grow. Creating such corporate video content involves working with a team of experienced individuals who know what works best in the industry and delivers a video that will adapt to your requirements.

However, like in any other field, there are misconceptions floating around that disillusion clients into believing that hiring a video production company is not right for them. If you are one such client and are hesitant to bring them on board, Arc and Crown Media Inc. has debunked a few myths about corporate video production.

Myth 1: Videos can easily be captured on your phone today.

We’ve seen too many companies get burned by this. On one hand it’s true; smartphones now all have great video camera features. However, that doesn’t mean you should be putting your entire marketing budget into your iPhone just yet. The most notable drawback from taking videos on your phone is the shakiness. Phones are made to be light while their cameras are made to be sensitive. That means that every twitch in your hand is visible in your recording. Nowadays, there are stabilizers in the market to mitigate this, but the shaky footage isn’t the only concern when marketing video content. Remember, a video is one of the most significant indicators of your brand, and with continually rising quality levels for video online; the standard for what is expected will only get higher.

To reach that level of quality, you need reliable videographers. Videographers consider many elements when capturing corporate video content, from lighting to framing, down to the mise-en-scène (which is an artsy French term for how everything on camera is arranged). Now that video has become accessible and popularized, it is hard to think of it this way, but a video is still a creative art form. You would hire a professional artist to create your brand logo, right? Similarly, you would need a professional video crew to handle your video content.

Myth 2: Videos have a two-minute bounce rate.

This is an interesting one. The two-minute bounce rate is the idea that after two minutes, your audience will get bored and stop watching. We even often tell our clients to keep videos under that mark, and it has usually been of great benefit to everyone. This is because we often run into clients that want us to include everything in their video; their original story, products, and every little ingredient that goes into a product. When we mention the two-minute bounce rate, we see clients identify the crucial information they want to get across and focus on those points.

However, the two-minute bounce rate is certainly not a universal truth. In fact, YouTube recently revealed that their average video view length is actually ten minutes. However, a factor to consider would be the majority of users that are actively looking for content to view, as these kinds of viewers will be willing to watch content for any length of time. Another reason they would use YouTube would be to learn and educate themselves or for tutorials. These kinds of videos have a high completion rate because they’re driven by necessity rather than entertainment.

We offer not only marketing videos but also e-learning and other valuable video content, where we’ve found that the two-minute mark is a nice little number to keep in mind but definitely not set in stone. If you have relevant information that is worth watching, your viewers will view it for as long as necessary.

Myth 3: Corporate video production on social media is measured solely by views.

This is by far the most controversial myth on our list, and all we can say is that it is both true and false.

Think about it this way. A five-second cat video is over so quickly that you’ve added to its view count before you could even decide if it was worth watching or not. A lot of people may have watched the full video but not engaged with it. However, it was merely watched without incurring action or learning. From a producer’s standpoint that doesn’t necessarily imply success.

Ask yourself these questions: if the viewer did not finish watching the video then when did they leave? How much time did they spend on your video? Did they watch enough of the video to receive the most important information? This information is far more critical than if a viewer finishes watching the video alone.

If viewers share the video, then that’s a different story. That means views are being driven by the invisible force that makes video viral. This also says that the content is worth watching and others can be encouraged to watch it too. Not only that, but this further implies that the content deserves likes or comments too. Now suddenly you’ve reached real success.

After watching a video, the shares, likes, comments and any other additional action is the exact result that quantifies a compelling video which has showed its worth. Some of these effects are more organic or subliminal, and difficult to calculate in metrics. Take brand presence, for example. There may be a better reception of your brand from a viewer that sees the first ten seconds from six of your videos, as opposed to all of a single one-minute video. It may depend on how you structure those first ten seconds. And that is why we don’t always say view count is everything.

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